SYNCHRONICITY's Ash Catherwood and Miranda Calderon starring as Alan and Lou

The Story

Lou is a struggling photographer paralyzed by choice. In the midst of a family crisis, she is thrust into the position of caregiver. In walks Alan, an arrogant physicist who claims to have solved the time travel paradox.  Lou embarks on a voyage of self-discovery through her budding flirtation with Alan, until she realizes Alan’s future self has been manipulating both of them all along.

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The Production

We have an original story to tell. A compelling and complex philosophical sci-fi feature film that we are sure you are going to want to watch.

Mainstream entertainment has proven to have little time or interest in smart and sophisticated films that are about rich and complex relationships.  But we think you do have that interest. Interest in stories that make you think, stories that speak to you, where you see yourself in the characters…interest in sci-fi stories that are based in the real world, without explosions and bombastic special effects. SYNCHRONICITY is that story. It is a philosophical time travel film, in which characters explore themes of morality, free will and destiny.

Synchronicity boasts a predominantly female cast, with a strong female lead, and also explores an LGBTQ storyline.

To support our story, the kind of intelligent sci-fi that explores complex personal relationships, the kind that few make these days, a film that passes the Bechdel Test in Spades: Tweet about us @synchfilm.

SYNCHRONICITY -- The Production

The Production

SYNCHRONICITY is a film written and directed by Lyndon Horsfall, and produced by DragonGem Productions. The film is set for release in 2015.

About Writer/Director Lyndon Horsfall & DragonGem Productions

Born and raised in Waterloo, Ontario, writer/director Lyndon Horsfall has always had a love of cinema that has ensured he was creating personal stories and was behind the lens in some capacity.  He founded DragonGem Productions, in which he creates corporate and training video productions, creative film projects, academic and social awareness documentaries, and works as a cinematographer for hire. He’s also a founding member of Waterloo Region’s 12 Angry Filmmakers. He earned a dual Honours Degree in Psychology and Sociology from Wilfrid Laurier University.  His studies had a particular focus in feminist and women’s studies.  This focus, as well as his training in psychology and interest in science fiction, led him to create the story for SYNCHRONICITY.  The film is a labour of love, with its story of what makes a meaningful life and themes of breaking free of patriarchy and societal expectations, and is a culmination of a desire to tell a heartfelt story about humanism and the purpose of one’s life.

For more about the cast, visit the character pages above.

SYNCHRONICITY's Ash Catherwood and Miranda Calderon starring as Alan and Lou

Lou & Alan

While in her youth, Lou was the lead singer of “Pink Kanu,” mid-90’s bar punk riot grrrl band extraordinaire. Tattoos, drinking, smoking, everything was about rebellion. Now in her mid-30’s, a struggling photographer and working part-time shifts in a women’s crisis centre, she’s feeling like she’s on the outskirts of her best friendships, and of the world in general. Lou is asking herself if she went the right way when she came to the fork in the road. Of all the roads to travel, which one should she be on?

Alan is a socially anxious, academically arrogant physicist who is about to hand in his thesis, one that claims to solve the time travel paradox. Without a doubt in his mind that he will soon be known as “Doctor,” his budding flirtation with Lou is the only thing he’s unsure of. Soon, however, he will find the upper hand in destiny.

Miranda Calderon

Miranda Calderon is an actor who recently started making her own short films, including ALEGRA & JIM and the upcoming BODY PARTS, both for which she is writer, performer, and co-producer. Miranda also appears in the upcoming Michael DeCarlo film TWO HANDS TO MOUTH, an official selection at Madrid International Film Festival. Stage credits include Rufus Wainwright’s PRIMA DONNA with New York City Opera, the title role in Oscar Wilde’s SALOME (San Francisco Bay Area’s Critics Circle Awards for Outstanding Production and Choreography), assistant directing the 5-time Dora Award winning BLASTED at Buddies in Bad Times, and co-starring in PURGATORY IN INGLETON at this summer’s SummerWorks Festival. Miranda received her BA in English from Columbia University and her MFA in Lecoq based actor created theatre at London International School of Performing Arts in the UK.

Ash Catherwood

Ash Catherwood, an actor and creator, has been creating independent entertainment for the better part of a decade. You’ve probably seen his ridiculous face in many Canadian broadcasts, indie films, and web series.  A pioneer in digital entertainment (the first webseries he created was released before the days of YouTube and the iPod), he has gained a keen understanding of low-budget independent production. Some of his recent creations include Microwave Porn and The Gate, both successful multimillion viewed series. He will be taking the experiences learned in the new media and applying them directly to the feature film process- ‘quality storytelling will always win over smoke and mirror effects’. He can be found at his home on the web,


Mara & Carl

Mara is Lou’s best friend, and has been for some time. Once a roadie for “Pink Kanu,” following them around the bar circuit and engaging in the occasional stage dive, she eventually dedicated herself to her studies. She obtained her doctorate and is now a professor of English. Lou looks to Mara’s life as one of the options she may have missed.

Carl has been Alan’s friend since public school. His social conscience and popular co-hort, Alan was the smart one and Carl was the fun one. Carl is an easy going, laid back guy, a perfect counterpoint to Mara’s explosive, and often obscenity laden temper. When Carl met Mara and began their long relationship, Alan was forced into a world in which he’d find himself alongside women like Lou.

Joanna Haughton

Joanna Haughton is a Toronto actor, and tv host.  You might have seen her on your tv, or in a recent Indie film, maybe even a web series or two.   During her three year run as a national network host for Movieola and CHCH, she became very comfortable improving in front of the camera.  That love of the moment and the unexpected has carried over into her acting as she constantly tries new things.  A graduate of the University of Toronto with High Distinction, she applies the same tenacity to her work as she did to creating her popular fashion blog, ModaMama.  Joanna lives by the adage, “Chal-lenge Accepted!” (credit to Barney Stinson). She can be found at  or at Tweet her @joannahaughton.

Jason Martorino

Jason Martorino has enjoyed a career in lyric theatre, spoken theatre, web, film and television for over a decade.  Favourite experiences to date in lyric theatre include the role of Constable Lawson in John Estacio’s Filumena at the Banff Centre for the Arts, The Usher in G&S’s Trial By Jury at the Lighthouse Theatre in Port Dover, Thenardier in Les Mis with The Singers of Arcady, and  multiple roles in Britten’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream with various companies.  Spoken theatre roles have included some of the most challenging lead and character roles in the classical theatre, including Osvald in Ibsen’s Ghosts,  Roland Maule in Present Laughter, and Edward VIII in Ryton’s Crown Matrimonial. Since 2010, Jason has increasingly shifted his focus to screen media.  Recently, he completed shooting roles in the feature films Kingdom Come, for Matchbox Pictures, Victory, by Smile Music and Film Productions, the television show Mayday on the Discovery Channel, as well as a host of short films.

SYNCHRONICITY'S Paulette Sinclair, Miranda Calderon, and Sara Mitich

Tina & Lou’s Mom

Tina is a beautiful young model, balancing her glamorous nights with days employed as a personal support worker. Even as her and Lou’s relationship has been on rocky terms lately, she offers Lou respite in helping to take care of Lou’s ailing Mother.

Angela, Lou’s Mom, has been quickly fading in her battle with pancreatic cancer. While her and Lou have a historically antagonistic relationship, they both wish they could put the past behind them and embrace the immediacy of their present.

Sara Mitich

Growing up at the National Ballet School of Canada, Sara has always had a connection with the arts. Since graduating from the joint actor-training program between University of Toronto and Sheridan College, she has been a part of numerous stage and film productions – from independent feature films, to the award winning webseries “Posthuman,” and even an episode of BBC America’s “Copper.” Being fluent in Serbian, she has had the wonderful opportunity to explore the avenue of Serbian theater and hopes to test the waters of Serbian film one day soon. With new projects constantly underway, she keeps herself at the heart of all the craziness that goes into filmmaking – and she couldn’t want for anything else.

Paulette Sinclair

Paulette Sinclair brings to her work a wealth of relevant experience from several overlapping and contiguous professions – actor, filmmaker, film and video editor, writer, art director. She takes great pleasure in acting for both film and stage. Among feature and TV parts that were especially engaging were principle roles in Mr. Viral, Saint Ralph, Salem Witch Files, Dan for Mayor, Warehouse 13, Zack Files (recurring) and many more.

SYNCHRONICITY's Stephanie B. Gillie


Judy is a brilliant PhD candidate in physics in her own right. A former interest by Alan creates an uneasy relationship, as Judy becomes the only academic whom Alan lets read his thesis, and possibly the only person who understands it. Is Alan the only one who knows the secrets buried deep in his paper?

Stephanie Gillie

Hailing from the east coast of Canada, Stephanie B.Gillie grew up in Halifax performing initially  to find ways to get out of trouble with her parents by trying to make them laugh.

Cultivating a love for creative expression in work and life through acting, singing, dancing, percussion, photography,  painting, art installations and fire performances, she started theatre in her Jr. years and quickly branched into film, television and commercials before graduating high school. She continues not only to play with fire but to work and live in the arts at home and abroad.


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